Contact Centers

Aura Contact Center is a context-sensitive, collaborative voice and multimedia customer contact solution that allows enterprises to anticipate, automate, and accelerate customer interactions.


Increased competition, changing customer demographics, the growth of new communications media, and more demanding customers require enterprises and organizations to manage the customer experience and consistently deliver high-value service.


IPOCC allows enterprises to manage the customer experience with proactive engagement. IPOCC combines historic and real-time contextual information to improve the quality of
interactions, optimizes agent utilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver a superior customer experience.


Avaya IP Office Contact Center is an industry-leading, cost-effective, SIP-based multi-channel contact center solution that delivers a variety of enhancements to customer service capabilities for the competitive enterprise:

  • Flexible, user-driven multimedia access to customer care resources increases customer choice while saving costs.
  • Persistent context for seamless and efficient customer interaction ensures that agents understand the customer’s immediate prior activity, past history, purchase behavior, and preferences.
  • Agent efficiency features such as multiple call handling and context-sensitive IM and e-mail editor with auto suggest greatly improve agent productivity.
  • Supervisor effectiveness features such as simplified administration and unified reporting—both detailed real-time and historical reporting capabilities—equip managers to quickly focus on issues needing immediate attention while analyzing long-term performance and learning and applying best practices to continuously improve the agility of the contact center.
  • Reliability through real-time shadowing and automatic switchover of all core application components delivers uninterrupted operation.
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